Osteopathic treatment of infantile colic



This study is to verify that the use of osteopathy on the problematic nature of babies with 3-months-colic is an effective alternative to conventional therapy. As a guideline, existing differences between babies with 3-months-colic and not affected children shall be demonstrated.
This is a controlled, randomised, prospective intervention-study (1) and a subsequent explorative survey (2).
One therapist educated at COE Munich, one therapist educated at College Sutherland.
1. 46 patients were selected at random, 23 of which were treated with osteopathy and 22 conventionally. 2. Explorative study with a total of 90 patients
4 treatments in weekly intervals. (with osteopathy and conventional).
Main outcome measures:
1. Duration of crying and intensity, 2. Evaluation of questionnaires
Use of osteopathy shows an overall improvement of approx. 55% regarding primary and secondary target-parameters. Osteopathy demonstrates a higher effectiveness of approx. 40% versus conventional therapy with regard to both target-parameters. Explorative study: The smoking of mothers during pregnancy increases occurrence of 3-months-colic of the baby- Children with 3-month-colic are described as increasingly restless. They vomit more frequently and suffer from excessive flatulence and congestion.
Osteopathy is an effective alternative for children with 3-month-colic.