Concussion concerns are growing

At least half of football players return too quickly after a concussion, according to research by UEFA, NRC Handelsblad reported on 13th of February.

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Neck pain sometimes gets on your nerves

Neck complaints are one of the top 5 conditions with which patients visit the osteopath (Osteosurvey 2014). But can we also treat them effectively?

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What can we do with low back pain?

The osteopath Dr. Lederman (2011) states that the mechanical model is outdated for low back pain. Major systematic reviews have shown that there is not enough evidence for mechanical causes of low back pain.

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What is this virus?

How could it be otherwise, this newsletter is entirely devoted to the coronavirus or COVID-19. Its purpose is to support the osteopathic treatment after an upper respiratory or abdominal infection.

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