About SWOO


The Foundation for Osteopathic Scientific Research generates objective data about both the effect of osteopathic treatment as well as osteopathic hypotheses. The information obtained should lead to a better scientific basis and to an improvement of quality of the entire profession. Scientific basis is found by

  • Organizing research
  • Collection of scientific literature

Data is generated by

  • Developing a tool for tracking the effect of treatment in osteopathic practice
  • Collection of literature supporting or rejecting osteopathic hypotheses


1. Organizing research:

  • Self-creation of sound and useful research
  • Approach scientists and research institutes and enthuse them for research into osteopathy
  • Approach other professions for doing research
  • Ask students to do part of a larger research in the context of their thesis

2. Collection of scientific literature

  • Establish a database with relevant scientific literature
  • Easy access to the literature for the osteopath
  • Bringing to the attention of relevant literature to the osteopath
  • Get published already done, appropriate research

3. Developing a tool for tracking the results

  • By means of automatically tracking file results
  • Collection of validated questionnaires for specific conditions
  • Approach software providers to automatically process the data statistically
  • Develop objective criteria for assessing the osteopathic actions